Please format your documents

This post from Anil Dash earlier in the month was immediately added to my collection of professional “must reads”. In fact, I think it should form part of everyones “first day at work” bootcamp. This is particularly on point:

The most common failure cases I see in these kinds of situations [sharing a document internally] is people starting from deep within their own heads, either because they’ve been fully immersed in a particular project, or because they’re reacting to their own fears or concerns.

Make better documents

As companies become increasingly reliant on asynchronous forms of communication in order to facilitate remote work, helping people articulate their ideas in a way that makes them intelligible, convincing, and, to some extent, entertaining, is going to be key to building successful teams.

Bonus tip: LLMs are a great way to quickly give your document a snappy name that won’t immediately bore people to death.

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