Running in 2019

I had grand ambitions for running in 2018. I was going to beat my PBs for both the half marathon and 10K. I even went to the length of getting my 10K time printed on the soles of my running shoes as a regular reminder of what was at stake. image

Then Finn turned up and I was reminded of something Cotter — the CEO of RetailMeNot —said: “Friends, family, work and hobbies. Choose two.”

Turns out he was right (sort of) and running has taken a back seat to my new family and Hoop.

Rather than set any lofty goals for 2019 I shall instead make only a few promises to myself:

  • Run two half marathons
  • Run a faster 10K at the end of the year than at the start
  • Run further in 2019 than 2018 (267 km)

Yesterday I lay down the 10K marker by running the Queen Elizabeth Park course in 38:43 and placed 14th. I’ll return to the run later in the year.

Daniel Bower

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