Donating to the Mayday Super PAC

Today I donated $500 to a Political Action Committee setup in a country where I am not a citizen, to change elections that I cannot vote in. But US campaign finance reform is an issue that we should all take note of, not just those who hold a US passport. As long as America remains the most powerful nation on earth so too will her politics all off us.

And nothing corrupts US politics as much as money.

In Lesterland, his swift deconstruction of American campaign financing, Lawrence Lessig (founder of the Mayday PAC) explains how money, routed through Political Action Committees and provided by the tiniest slither of the population (1% of the 1%) corrupts a Presidential race; removing any candidate who will not advance their views and giving the electorate just two muddied candidates to chose from the in the general election.

Mayday PAC aims to create a Political Action Committee to end all Political Action Committees. To fund candidates who will repeal Citizens United (the case that gave rise to the PACs) and engage in real debate about campaign financing reform.

Read about it, speak to your American friends, and if you can, donate. Whether you’re US citizen, or not.

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