Four trends for Apple

There are four clear consumer trends that Apple is poised to take advantage of and for the first time since the birth of the iPad I’m bullish about the company.

Wearables is definitely happening. And what’s more Apple doesn’t need to make the first move here. People are waiting to see what they do. Incidentally, I find it ridiculous that people are calling it a watch. A “band” with a display makes much more sense. I still want to wear my own watch and still will. The entire watch making industry isn’t collectively shitting itself.

Fashion + Technology are becoming bed fellows. In many ways they already are. Both Google and Apple have made some significant hires and before that the fashion set were some of the most keen followers of social media.

Personal data is on the rise. Collecting of data about yourself is common place if only in discrete areas. People are interested about the data they produce on a daily basis and want to model it for their satisfaction - and for bragging rights. Calories, distance walked, food eaten, people met, places been, the list goes on.

Health is on the ascendancy again, in part as a result of the the new access to data that have about our fitness, but also because the success of brands like Nike and to an extent smaller brands like Rapha (Sport + Fashion trend remix) who strive to make fitness “cooler.”

So with it’s mystery new device Apple should be looking to solidify it’s position in the above. A device that doesn’t ostracise the fashion conscious who are already fans of technology. That silently collects data in the background about my acitivities. And finally, one that’s interoperable with any app and is not restricted to Apple’s ecosystem.

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