Xbox Reveal wasn't for gamers

I’ve gone round in circles on how I wanted to write this post about the Xbox Reveal and it comes down to this.

As a gamer I was looking for the next leap forward in gaming. I was looking for another Steam, XNA, or Xbox Live. I was looking for something as interesting as motion control or the rise of the app store and mobile gaming. Maybe that was asking too much.

What I know is that very few people get excited by hardware specs. Or at least they don’t stay excited for very long. Gaming isn’t defined by graphical processing; it’s defined by the creativity of the designers and developers who make games and they look to the likes of Microsoft to provide them with the tools to make that next step. Xbox Reveal didn’t give us have that.

What Xbox Reveal did show us was Microsoft’s unrelenting desire to take over the living room. To work with (take on) everyone else who is vying for customers attention in that space and give the end user one device to rule them all. This is a noble quest, but it doesn’t excite me as a gamer, it just makes me worried they’ve forgotten about us. They have E3 to prove me wrong.

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