Some thoughts on Facebook Home

I think Zuckerberg is totally right when he says technology is too focussed on completing tasks. Re-purposing the mobile OS around things that every day people use technology to do is a logical shift.

However, communicating with friends is not the only thing people do with their phones. They also play games, watch movies, listen to music, read news and a bunch of other things. In this regard Home doesn’t really alter the OS in the way people primarily use mobiles phones, it just alters it in Facebook’s favour.

It does however highlight how import Android’s customisable home screen is, and why it’s a key strength over iOS. With custom widgets and launchers your home screen on Android can become the device you want it to be. Pick up a Nexus 4 and you’ll instantly see the difference between owners. Mine focuses on calendar and to-do lists, friends of mine on Twitter, some on their photos, others on news reading.

Facebook have highlighted to the world just how flexible Android can be, and reminded everyone that features like Home, wether you want them or not, won’t be coming to iOS anytime soon.

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