Thanks for the feeds

It’s not uncommon for people to talk about things that have had a defining impact on their life: albums, songs, films, books, holidays are all typical. I’m no different. I remember the first time I listened to Kid A, watched Dr. Strangelove and when I travelled around Iceland. But being who I am I also remember technology. Something that has had a much more profound effect on my life to date. I remember getting a Macintosh Performa, and plugging a 56k modem into it. I remember downloading my first MP3 and later getting a first gen. iPod. I also remember learning about RSS. I remember plugging in a ton of feeds into Bloglines and suddenly having access to a world of content that I could digest in a way that I never could before. I plugged in feed after feed and consumed as much as I could. I owe a lot to where I am today to that wonderful piece of technology. Thanks for the feeds Aaron.

Daniel Bower

Product manager turned student. Currently researching algorithms, platforms, interoperability and kill zones at DDH. Read more about me.