Apple won't make a business out of Maps

Anil Dash’s comments on Apple Maps in iOS 6 are spot on and convey my opinions about the update better than I ever could. There is however one point that he missed.

In closing thoughts he comments:

Apple made this maps change despite its shortcomings because they put their own priorities for corporate strategy ahead of user experience.

The further problem is that the “corporate strategy” he speaks of is bogus. Apple can’t compete with Google when it comes to Maps, hell it can’t even compete with Microsoft. Yes it may make them look nicer, but it will never draw the revenues that Google and MS can that make them viable products to invest in. Think Apple will ad an advertising layer to the app? Look no further than iAds and see how well that went.

Apple won’t make a business out of Maps, and as a customer looking for new features in future that should make you very worried indeed.

Daniel Bower

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