Dennis and the Rosedale Chimney

A few weekends ago some friends and I decided to tackle the the North Yorkshire Moors during a two day trip from York to Robin Hood’s Bay and back. For those of you who have ever done been to the Moors you’ll know that it’s pretty up and down, and for those who have ever cycled it you’ll know it’s a gruelling as they come.

Of all the ascents we tackled none were more difficult than the infamous Rosedale Chimney which is 1 in 3 in parts as it snakes up the hill. Not wanting to be outdone we decided to have a crack at it and despite falling off my bike once as a car came a little too close to me I actually managed to make it to the top.

Problem: there was no one to take my picture. Some of the gang had already whizzed back down past me, and some didn’t make it up. Enter Dennis Marshall who was kind enough to take a photo of me and note down my address in London.

When it arrived in the post a few days ago it brought a huge smile to my face. Not only did I now have proof that I’d managed to ascend the Chimney, but it reaffirmed my belief that there are people out there who are willing to go out of their way to help a complete strangers.

Thank you Dennis, your photo is now sitting proudly on my sideboard and the certificate you wrote out alongside it.

Dan at the top of the Rosedale Chimney

Dennis' letter to Dan

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