Simplenote 3

These days it’s rare that I bother writing about software, particularly productivity stuff, there are a ton of people more qualified than me to do that job. But version 3 of Simplenote is just too good to ignore, it’s become almost indispensable, and I don’t use that word lightly.

The nuts and bolts of it are straightforward. Note taking, synced across all your (Apple) devices - iPad, iPhone and the laptop - all via the web app.

Beyond that it’s the beautifully simple interface, full screen editing, zero formatting options - that’s a plus in my eyes - tags for foldering, a version history slider and a gorgeous logo designed by Jon Hicks.

Shopping lists, meeting notes, space for jotting down ideas, it’s all covered. In fact for me, it replaces a word processor 95% of the time. It’s TextMate for notes.

Last of all there is an API which has lead to a few great add ons. No doubt more will come.

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