A recipe for Tinto de Verano

This is a hangover from a recent trip to San Sebastien. In fact it wasn’t just any trip, it was the 3rd Annual eConversions company holiday. 25 people descend on some poor, unsuspecting town in Europe and try their best to consume everything it has to offer. Barcelona 08 was “street beer”, Athens 09 was dominated by tomatoes, and San Sebastien 10 was the year of Tinto de Verano, or “Red Wine of Summer”, a refreshing mix of red wine, ice, a slice of lemon and Casera.

A tall glass of Tinto de Verano

If you can’t pick up a bottle of Casera down your local Costcutter, here’s an alternate recipe.

  • 2/3 Red Wine (cheap is fine, don’t waste your best Rioja).
  • 1/3 Lemonade
  • 4 Cubes of Ice
  • A Slice of Lemon
  • A dash of water to get rid some of the bubbles.

It’s a fantastic drink, I’ve had 15 today already…

Photo by indrasensi on Flickr.

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