What questions do people ask Google?

Nick who works at eConversions came across this little easter egg on Google. If you punch in the beginning to a question, Google, using it’s suggest feature, will try and preempt you based upon the questions it is most commonly asked. Some pf them are hilarious, here’s a few:

  • “Is Lady Gaga a man?”

  • “Is Jade Goody dead?”

  • “Is Jade Goody dead yet?”

  • “Are vampires real?”

  • “Are ghosts real?”

  • “Are there aliens in space?”

  • “Are there snakes in Ireland?”

  • “Are there tigers in Africa?”

and of course…

  • “Are there any Michael Jackson tickets left?”

I really hope these people got the answer they were looking for.

Daniel Bower

Product manager turned student. Currently researching algorithms, platforms, interoperability and kill zones at DDH. Read more about me.